Alpenwunder Zink + Selen Kapseln hilft die Infektion von Coronavirus zu vermeiden

Lipinski 2015, Ebola and Selenium: How not to catch the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)
Richard Sexton · 2020. február 9.
The only people that can be infected by the 2019-n Coronavirus have less than 98.7 µg/L of Selenium in plasma or serum.  Those who have enough Selenium are immune to this and all other enveloped viruses. Selenium can be obtained from Brazil nuts, Selenium pills or Astragalus tea.
This is why only some people get the flu and why others get it infrequently or never at all.
We only found this out  in 2015 when Lipinski @ Harvard figured out why some people were immune to Ebola, a fact well documented in medical archives.
Two Brazil nuts a day will do it. An Asia astragalus tea is the primary source of selenium.
2014 NYTimes: Many in West Africa May Be Immune to Ebola Virus
2000 Gonzales: Ebola and Marburg virus antibody prevalence in selected populations of the Central African Republic
2010-Becquart: High Prevalence of Both Humoral and Cellular Immunity to Zaire ebolavirus among Rural Populations in Gabon
2010-IRD: A surprisingly high proportion of the Gabonese population could have immunity against Ebola. Antibodies to the virus were found in 15.3% of rural communities
2016 Richardson: "The phenomenon of previously undetected, minimally symptomatic EBOV infection was evident around the discovery of the virus in 1976."
2015 BBC: "We've now seen several cases that don't have any symptoms at all, asymptomatic cases,"
"29 Jan 2015 - Liberia: Harvard Scientist Lipinski Claims Selenium Can Treat Ebola"
2015 Lipinski - Can Selenite Be An Ultimate Inhibitor Of Ebola And Other Viral Infections?
“It is known that the virulence of Ebola and other RNA enveloped viruses involves in the first step their attachment to host cell membranes. Following this initial step the virus enters the target cell cytoplasm by forming hydrophobic spikes that make holes in the membrane lipid bilayer. Formation of such spikes is catalyzed by the reduced form of viral protein disulfide isomerase (PDIred) thus initiating chain of disulfide exchange reactions. Consequently, hydrophobic protein epitopes become exposed, which in the absence of proper chaperones form hydrophobic ‘spikes’ capable of penetrating the host cell membranes.
In this communication evidence is discussed showing that the chain of disulfide exchange events can be inhibited by a small redox molecule – sodium selenite.
It is suggested that this inexpensive and readily available food supplement can be an ultimate inhibitor of Ebola and other enveloped viral infections.”
“other enveloped viral infections” - that’s pretty much all of them.
2015 Stoffenell: "98.7 µg/L of Se in plasma or serum are required to optimize GPx activity"
2008 Thomson: Brazil nuts: an effective way to improve selenium status
Dr. Damien Downing, former editor of the Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, writes: "Swine flu, bird flu, and SARS, all developed in selenium-deficient China. When patients were given selenium, viral mutation rates dropped and immunity improved."
Map of coronavirus deaths in China:
Maps of selenium deficient soil in China:
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The Changing Selenium Nutritional Status of Chinese Residents
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